What is BETA?

Beta is a one of a kind, I.T. vs Zombies, Living Card Game about building up an army and stealing or looting anything to win. Read the Stupid Users comic and learn more about this one of a kind battle.

You read that right, IT vs Zombies. This isn't your typical card game. Get ready for a fast paced, trash talking, turn on a dime, army building card game.

It starts like this; choose your IT Champion, cards are dealt, you're fighting against the other players, and the evil Der Magicker a diabolical hacker. You see Der Magicker is building his army of zombies to take over the world and more importantly beat you and the other players. Champions must gather or steal weapons, troops, and strategically play cards to beat Der Magicker and the other players.

There are many ways to gather your army, draw a card, attack another player, kill a higher powered zombie, etc. Pay close attention because one card will change the game entirely or can be a win card with the correct gameplay. No sleeping allowed!

Let the game begin, if you dare......